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How an Architect-Builder provides Client cost-savings

From our initial consultation with a homeowner, whether it be in Broomfield, Louisville, Superior, Erie, Niwot, or any other Colorado town, a Client’s vision of their new custom home is continuing to develop and will evolve from the ground it rests on.

These parameters, desires and ultimately the enrichment of their daily living standards, are synthesized, queried and quantified into an architectural program. Because we are builders as well as Architects for about (30) years now, inherent to our business model and a part of our continuous design process, is the reality of ultimately delivering a quality, cost-effective and timely construction project, many months before the building process has even begun.

For instance, one of our Client’s properties had a uniform slope to it. The program included architectural design of a two story home and basement. How to grade the land had significant cost impacts, as well as construction time implications.

The engineer suggested a typical cut and fill excavation, which would involve high retaining walls, structural engineering fees for this wall, compaction procedures inclusive of special inspections and working around weather conditions that could extend construction time.

Instead, our general contracting experience provided us with the alternative of creating a floor plan design to sit on the site in such a way, so that a hybrid semi-excavation plan could be implemented. Our in-house construction management provided influential collaboration for this decision. As a result, working with the slope so that half of the first floor plan was actually on leveled/compacted grade and the other half was actually above the slope. The structural floor system worked congruously with a hybrid system of slab on grade and raised conventional wood floor framing.

The resulting benefits to our Client was a $12,000 cost-savings, reduced construction time and less disruption to the natural environment.

For more insight to our services and a list of five star client affirmations, please visit our website at: or better yet, contact us for a complimentary (30) minute Architect Consultation for your new luxury home project.

Best Always!

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