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Colorado Commercial Tenant Improvement Project

BSA Inc. Tenant Improvement Plans
BSA Inc. Tenant Improvement Plans

This February 2023 a Certificate Of Occupancy should be issued for construction from a set of plans we worked on end of last year for a Tenant Improvement project. We were the Architects for the tenant who owns a building company.

The scope of work for this 6,000 sq. ft. space included:

  • Demolition of existing walls, ceilings and second floor.

  • Rework and new systems: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, ADA Compliance, and Life Safety

  • New Open Space Office Area, Private Offices, Huddle Rooms, Two New Restrooms, Large Training Room, Conference Room, Kitchenette/Dining Space, Administrative Space, Very Large Storage Space and Spacious Entry

We were only called on once by the tenant during construction (they provided their own on-site supervision), to assist with a minor top of metal stud wall detail clarification that the inspector requested. We produced this simple detail for the tenant at no charge and it was fully approved by the building department.

As noted by an engineer we worked with on another project:

“Dear Mr. Shaw:

The plans you developed are some of the most professional and legible plans we have received this year, which is over a thousand.

It is a pleasure to work with quality plans, since what we provide will be more accurate as a result.

Thank you,

Dennis A. McClain, CEA, CEPE, NR08-99-528, R08-89-303 Engineer”

Barry R. Shaw AIA, CO Architect


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