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Consulting Office BSA Inc. Design & Construction - Broomfield, CO

Let's discuss your scope of work objectives and collaborate on the options for them, that can be realized.

Mr. Shaw is the firm’s President with three decades of residential and light commercial design and construction experience. We are a Colorado corporation, providing Client’s with Design, Engineering, Construction Management and Owner’s Rep Consulting work, remotely as well. 
We pride ourselves in assisting our Client’s to visualize the three dimensional physical end product, mentally living in the space in color, even from the on-set of conceptual designs. In this manner, decisions that are made up front and throughout the design process, are more likely to result in the realization of your vision for the project.  According to the ‘Design Intelligence’ ranking of the country’s (25) best public and private architecture and design schools, Cal Poly’s program ranked No. 1 in the U.S., of which Barry is an alumni…whatever style of architecture is your preference, he will accomplish it for you.
Our guidance throughout the many design decision-making times includes our on-the-spot cost analysis of your requests, thus allowing this process to progress in a very timely manner. Additionally, as the firm’s principal Architect, Mr. Shaw makes himself available to his client’s pertinent concerns, on a 24/7 basis.

We provide full service cost effective professional services, which includes the package of Consultants needed (i.e. engineering consultants inclusive of: soils, civil, structural, hvac, electrical, plumbing, energy, etc.), with BSA Inc. as the single-source point of contact. This results in our client’s repose of multi-faceted entities being coordinated by us, so that your valuable time can be utilized accommodating your daily needs.

As one of our clients Chad Cox evaluated after we completed designs for his New Townhomes development: “Barry provides timely and responsive designs that are a combination of his clients desire and budget framework. His work on our proposed multi family project far exceeded our expectations.”
Our Mission For You:

We provide well seasoned expertise that focuses on delivering creative, functional, quality and thorough services that provides harmonious spaces for an enriched daily lifestyle. We look forward to discussing your project requests with a half hour complimentary consultation.

To find out more about Barry Shaw AIA, GC, BSA Inc. Design & Construction President, click here to learn more about us.

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