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Design-Build Concept

BSA Inc. Design & Construction

Why Our Design-Build Concept Makes Sense:
What Makes Us Different

Not all projects will qualify for this delivery method, but a successful project may be achieved with it.

What defines success? I think we can agree, if a project is completed on time, on budget and with quality success has been realized. But how is this best accomplished?

One way is to combine the separate components necessary to organize a building project: Design, Engineering and Construction. Doing this with a one-stop resource is called “Design-Build”. In other words, when the architect in charge of designing a project is also a licensed contractor in charge of the building process, it is both efficient and cost-effective and allows for a stream-lined communication and decision-making process. This helps assure adherence to the budget and to meet high quality standards, throughout the entire design and construction processes.

During 30 years in the trades, actively practicing as both licensed architect and general contractor, I have seen the evolution of these separate and distinct professions. They are both critical to a project-but little regard is sometimes given to how they are expected to integrate as one entity for the life of a project.

Today, we have learned from many successful projects, that if architecture and general contracting are unified into one qualified single source, a most important goals is achieved. That is, a happy client.

Here is a compilation of questions and answers that I have been part of with client’s over the years, which I hope will provide some insight to the “Design-Build” concept.

From Real Estate News & Views Publication:

Not all projects will qualify for this type of delivery model. Specific questions or concerns about your project can easily be answered during our initial consultation. Click Here to Inquire about our Design-Build Services or give us a call 303-604-6208

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