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Client Testimonials BSA Inc. Design & Construction - Broomfield, CO

Client Testimonials

BSA Inc. Design & Construction

Professional Architecture Firm in Denver, Broomfield & surrounding areas.

  • CO Architect
  • CO Builder
    Barry R. Shaw, AIA-BSA Inc. Design & Construction
  • IIBEC CO Building Consultants
    Barry R. Shaw AIA, Construction Administration Consultant
  • Multi-State Services
    The fundamentals of architectural design responding to the Client’s requests remains relatively constant, no matter what State the project is designed in. Technology has provided a convenient venue that is available 24/7 for ‘virtually’ the same communications that would be realized in-person, but better. Better meaning, both the Architect and Client can simultaneously access and present criteria for design presentation meetings, utilizing their own respective data base in the comfort of their own home or office. When it comes to the logistics of submitting design documents to various State agencies, we provide multiple licensing options for this process, as stated below. If there’s a particular State not a part of the project’s location, then we work with our affiliate engineers to satisfy the licensing requirements. What remains most important and of value to our Client’s, is our (25+) years of experience as Architects and General Contractors in the design and construction business. We design the plans with unique creativity, that is scrutinized and modified from our general contractor background, so that the building project will be cost-effective, quality and timely, before construction has even begun: We hold Certificates in CO, CA, HI, ID, TX, with an emphasis on architect & construction management services in Colorado. For more information on the logistics of how our process could save you tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs, please contact us for complimentary Consultation for your project.
  • A+ Contractor Rating
    Dear Barry Shaw, We have previously written to you regarding the availability of our bid, performance and payment program by virtue of your experience and outstanding contractor’s record. Your excellent track record has earned you the designation by Surety Company as an “A+ Contractor.” Sincerely, Scott T. Carroll Vice-President, Contract Surety George Peate Vice-President, Underwriting
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certificate
    United States Environmental Protection Agency This is to certify that Barry R. Shaw has fulfilled the requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act (ISCA) Section 402. In The Jurisdiction Of: All EPA Administered States, Tribes, and Territories This certification is valid from the date of issuance and expires May 08, 2020
  • Sustainable Exterior Envelopes
    Optimizing Building Performance in Colorado.
  • Green Plan Certificate of Utilization
    GREEN PLAN Certificate of Utilization Presented to Barry Shaw, AIA Your commitment to the use of our recycled product creates significant reductions in non-renewable resources, creating a climate of environmental stewardship that we at ARC applaud.
  • Mile High Mass Timber
  • ADA Codes
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