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A first time Owner/Developer contacted us to provide preliminary analysis for a site they own in Denver, Colorado.


They chose us for consulting work because of our architecture, engineering and construction knowledge, that can provide them with a comprehensive analysis of their project development. This includes a schematic floor plan design to scale, so that we have a start on something tangible to evaluate.


This multi-family dwelling will be two stories, with each floor utilizing the full length of the footprint, side-by-side. The center division wall will be load bearing, thus breaking the span of the roof trusses, for cost-effective construction. As well, the long slope of the gable roof will provide plenty of surface area for solar panels to optimize from the South exposure. The second floor will have several skylights in each unit, providing strategic natural light throughout the hall areas, as well as a beautiful view up to the blue sky.  


We designed the site plan so that enough space is available in the rear yard per code, for a detached two story ADU. We advised the Owner that this site is zoned for the option of a Tandem House, so that it can be sold separately from the primary structure, after property divisions are made.


Soon we’ll be providing a preliminary construction cost estimate, that can be used with our site plan, floor plans and elevations, to query various lenders for project loan considerations.


We’ve offered the Owner a credit of our consulting services toward the full-blown package of architectural plans, structural engineering, consultants work and construction consulting services.


Similar consulting services can be provided for custom homes, commercial buildings and one-of-a-kind specialty buildings of unique functions.


Our services are available anywhere in Colorado, with on-site field observations that are within range of our Broomfield, Colorado office such as: Superior, Louisville, Denver, Westminster, Erie, Frederick and Niwot.


More information of service options are available on our website at:


Best Always!

Barry R. Shaw, AIA, GC

BSA Inc. Design & Construction


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