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Why Choose Us BSA Inc. Design & Construction - Broomfield, CO

Why Choose Us?

BSA Inc. Design & Construction

We are one of the pioneers of the Design-Build system and have developed and refined this process for over twenty-five years now, which results in a cost-effective, timely and quality project. All inclusive Design-Build services may be provided as a one-stop resource, after project scope of work evaluation. Click Here to learn more about our Design-Build concept and why it makes sense.

We synthesize our creative Architect skills with our pragmatic General Contractor abilities, by designing plans and specifications that are optimized every step of the way, for adherence to construction cost, schedule and quality considerations.

Thus our in-house proprietary process ensures that a project is built on time, on budget and with quality, before construction has even begun.

Additionally, our pool of resources from the past three decades provides a plethora of opportunities to draw from, that benefit our client’s in a comprehensive and unique manner, responding to their specific needs. We staff each project with a team of experts (engineers, cad associates, subcontractors, material vendors, etc.), whom are well seasoned professionals in their niche, thus providing an optimum match to the project, local resources and client as well.

This background can be utilized effectively with Owner’s who choose to procure their project in the traditional method of hiring a separate architect and separate general contractor. Thus, BSA Inc. now provides new and expanded services to include individually focused services, that are flexible options to the Owner (Consulting Services)

In this manner, we provide independent Architect and General Contractor Consulting Services directly to the Owner, as their confidential fiduciary; thus we have no contractual relationship to the Owner’s hired project architect and general contractor.

As such, the Owner and BSA as Consultants, are the core Executive Management Team overseeing, analyzing and refining the project architect and general contractor’s submissions, for cost, quality and schedule optimization.

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