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Home Construction Management

Typically a project such as a large new home or commercial building, could involve the Owner’s request for Construction Management (CM) services. Also, on occasion, a substantial home addition project may receive the services of Construction Management, whereby the Owner pulls the permit as Owner-Builder.

In either case, the CM firm is positioned between the Owner and the Design-Build firm or the Prime General Contractor, independently looking out for the owners best interests. Our main function is to monitor and manage the project so that it is built in a timely, cost effective and quality manner.

Depending on the size of the construction project, an on-site Superintendent and/or off-site CM firm that observes the construction process once or twice a week, would handle the ‘field’ work.

In the office, support personnel regarding scheduling, budgeting, lien releases and payment requests, would round out the typical scope of services for a project.

With the above services and data, the CM would then be able to act as the Owner’s Representative in pertinent meetings with the Architect, Engineer, General Contractor and Subcontractors. In this manner, an Owner who is out of State from the project; has multiple project’s under construction; requests a single point of contact for job summaries; and likely comprises many different corporations, can streamline the massive amount of details and processes, significantly.

Adapting this service to single family dwelling construction for resort, vacation or second home projects, can be quite helpful to an Owner as well.

For example, we have design plans for construction of an Austin, Texas luxury home underway for an Owner who primarily develops commercial properties and has requested our residential design and construction expertise, in the capacity of Construction Management.

In this instance, we will hire, coordinate and provide on-site supervision for all Trades needed for this construction project. Our Design-Build system will be utilized for this part of the project, ensuring that a timely, quality and cost effective job is realized.

His in-house accounting and operations departments will in turn interrelate with us as the CM, thus freeing up the Owner’s time and availability to his other projects, as well as saving him the expense of a full general contractor fee, as he will pull his own permits with related responsibilities.

To learn more, don’t forget about our new Online Design and Construction Consulting-let us know about your Project questions and within (24) hours you’ll receive professional guidance!

Best Regards Always,

Barry R. Shaw AIA, GC

BSA Inc. Design & Construction


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