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Why hire an Architect Near You

Louisville Colorado Custom Home

Its common practice for most of us to initially query a service or product on-line that is near to us. But when it comes to requesting timely and cost-effective Architect design services for a particular niche, is this really the best way to find an optimum match?


The era we live in with just about instantaneous electronic communication, professionals whom are licensed to practice Statewide in Colorado and data that can be obtained from vast internet resources, can easily provide expeditious architectural design for your home project. But most importantly is the expertise of an Architect that matches your scope of work needs, not just because of proximity to the site, being considered?


In my opinion from (35) years of practice as an Architect, 90% of the time spent with a client is during the design process. The other 10% is an initial site meeting to establish a preliminary scope of work, site evaluations, solar and view considerations, access logistics, etc. The 90% of design collaboration time can be spent in zoom meetings, physical meetings in our office and with typical email/phone/text communications, from just about anywhere in the world.


Quite often, this can be very accommodating to a client who travels for work often, allots focused time to spend with family and needs to be flexible regarding allocation of concentrated time for design evaluations and important decisions.


So even though our office is in Louisville, Colorado, if a potential client who may live in Vail, Telluride, Aspen, Breckenridge, Durango or any other more distant part of Colorado was open to a much wider range of possibilities for Architect services, a more specific project inquiry should be considered.


Lets say they want a 1,500 sq. ft. ADU to their primary residence. A query could then be: ‘Architect for ADU’. Therefore in lieu of a local Architect ‘near me’, that primarily designs new very large custom homes in ski resort towns with likely a high fee structure and low priority of timely delivery for this scale of a project, an alternative Architect whom could be much more cost-effective with a faster turn-around for the same services, could be found with more targeted search engine terms/words.


We recently had an inquiry from a potential client in Niwot, Colorado for a 2,000 sq. ft. second story addition. I asked them what search terms they used and they said: ‘Architect for second story addition’; makes sense right? They thus had many choices of Architect’s to contact whom specialize in this niche, with much less of their valuable time spent ineffectively.  


Let us know what type of project you have in mind, via use of our Inquiry Form on our website and we’ll get back with you within (24) hours.



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