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How is an architect qualified to provide a construction consultation?

Architectural Plans

Residential design of single family dwellings, including one story and second story additions, will range in project costs from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Therefore, a qualified eye looking out for the Owner’s best interest during construction is very important.

We’ve been designing and building custom home and addition projects for over (30) years now. Over this period of time, our Construction Consultation actually begins when the architectural plans start. We typically back in to the designs the clients construction budget, so that the end result is very close to the initial estimate.

But about 90% of the project’s budget is in the field with material and labor construction costs. This is the key area to focus on in terms of project management. When an Architect is also a General Contractor, the ultimate match is achieved for transition and implementation of the building project. No one really wants the plans followed more to achieve the design intent, than the individual who conceived this from his mind and spent many months illustrating it into the plans. But getting the home built in the most cost effective way possible takes an experienced field professional who’s fiduciary is directly to the Owner, and can be independent of the Owner-General Contractor agreement.

Sometimes the Architect/General Contractor workload will prevent actual general contracting of the home, but his insight, guidance and alternatives to nuances in the field, can still be utilized in the form of Construction Consultation.

Currently, we are under contract for a 1,000 square foot Addition to a home, whereby we are providing Architecture and Engineering, as well as packaging the Consultants needed and also providing Construction Consulting services. In this manner, the Owner is paying directly to the general contractor and material suppliers and our fee for this service is separate with the Owner..

So, if the Architect is also a General Contractor whom has actually worked in the field, shoulder-to-shoulder with a multitude of trades needed for a home project, it goes without further explanation that this individual would be a meaningful asset to the Owner’s best interests to ensure delivery of the most cost-effective way to procure services from all of the trades.

We provide above services throughout Colorado, as well as to cities close by our office, such as: Louisville, Erie, Superior, Westminster, Niwot, Frederick, Broomfield, Lafayette, Arvada, Thornton, Denver and Littleton.

To learn more about this option and others, please visit out website by clicking here.


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