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Optimizing Project Planning = Time & Money Savings

Whether it be a new custom home, one story addition or pop-top/second story addition, consideration for seasons with regard to start of construction is wise to master plan when possible.

Our preferred locations for these projects are Louisville, Erie, Superior, Niwot, Arvada, Westminster and Broomfield, with all of them being a close micro-climate zone here in Northern Colorado.

Starting the average architecture and engineering processes in September, would yield completion of the plans end of December. Then the building department processing January-April through the Winter months. Start of construction in May with typically descent weather would be optimum. A one story addition foundations constructed during Spring and removal of the existing one story roof for a second story addition during this time as well, will usually work out pretty good. Both types of projects would typically be completed in about five months+/-, September-October. Thus move-in time is preface to the upcoming Holidays.

A new home of course requires a longer period of design and construction time, but still starting the architectural design and breaking ground close to the months noted above, is advantageous. Grading, foundations, framing and roofing can be completed May-September, with few change-order cost increases that could have been associated from inclement Winter weather conditions and less time delays from harsh construction conditions during this season. Completion after about fifteen months+/- of construction in September of the following year, along with about one month of receiving inspector finals, would yield move-in before the next Holiday season.

Let us know if some pre-planning would be helpful for your specific new home or addition project, by visiting our Consulting page on our website.

Best Always!

Barry R. Shaw AIA, GC

BSA Inc. Design & Construction


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