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Things To Query Before Hiring an Architect

Architect Plans

The following preliminary checklist will apply in general, to considerations for a S.F.D. residential project. The larger and more complex the project, the higher value and weight of consideration should be given to the following parameters. The following is an estimate for architectural and structural engineering plans and specifications that provides a comprehensive set of construction documents.


Preliminary Checklist for Hiring an Architect:


1. How much experience has the Architect had with your specific scope of work for the project. Guideline: One Story Addition (five years); Second Story Addition (ten years); New Custom Home (twenty years+).


2. Estimate of costs for architectural design fees including structural engineering. Guideline: One Story Addition (8% of construction costs); Two Story Addition (10% of construction costs); New Custom Home (15% of construction costs).


3. Time to complete the plans: One Story Addition (two months); Two Story Addition (four months); New Custom Home (six months).


4. Building Department processing time: One Story Addition (one month); Two Story Addition (two months); New Custom Home (six-nine months).


5. Construction Time: One Story Addition (four months); Two Story Addition (six months); New Custom Home (fourteen-twenty months).


6. Does the Architect also have significant general contracting experience to provide Construction Consultation Services that will help to ensure a cost-effective, timely and quality project. This modest fee is dependent upon how much participation the Owner requests from the Architect.


BSA Inc. Design & Construction primarily provides architecture and engineering services with on-site Construction Consultation work in: Erie, Westminster, Frederick, Louisville, Superior, Niwot and Broomfield Colorado, but we are licensed to provide architecture anywhere in the State Of Colorado.


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