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Open Floor Plan

Designing an open floor plan design for a new home allows for a lot of leeway in terms of creating spatial configurations rather freely.


But if you own an existing older home that typically has many walls enclosing rooms, a long dark hallway and a feeling of some confinement in the ‘public’ spaces, what considerations are involved to open-up the floor plan.


A large inventory of these types of homes exists in Broomfield, Niwot, Frederick, Westminster and Louisville Colorado. They are ranch style (one story above grade) or two story (two stories above grade) and mostly with basements.  Achieving an open floor plan design on the main floor will typically link the kitchen, family room and dining room spaces, along with other possible adjunct spaces as well (i.e. guest bathroom, laundry room, office, etc.).


Demolishing walls to achieve this open floor plan design is obviously more cost-effective to perform for a ranch style home structurally. There’s primarily just a ceiling and roof load to consider, of which we usually take advantage of in terms of opening up the space vertically, as well as horizontally.


Creating a volume ceiling in the family room, adding a couple of skylights in the kitchen and puncturing the dining room exterior wall with a bay window, are some of the interior design concepts that we incorporate into the new open floor plan layout.


The new open floor plan usually incorporates a new kitchen, new lighting, new wood flooring and amenities such as a wet bar, fireplace, walk-in pantry, etc. Of course each homeowner has their own specific requests, that we adhere to from our programming of the scope of work, in the very beginning.


Exterior views that weren’t realized and enjoyed are now pleasant outcomes, along with more natural light filtering throughout the spaces.


Structurally, the load bearing walls removed can often times be replaced with a post and beam system to support the above loads. In some instances, this load needs to be transferred down through posts to new footings in the basement.


In an effort to ease responsibilities and time requirements for the homeowner, we provide the Architect and Engineering services as a professional package. If we’re too busy to provide the general contracting services, we’ll participate with Construction Consulting packaging services for the qualifying, bidding and award to a G.C. Then we’re often asked to ensure that the project is built in a timely, cost-effective and quality manner, so we then provide Construction Administration services throughout the project.


If you are considering architecture and engineering services for your home, please contact us through our website Inquiry Form and we’ll get back to you real soon. We can provide these services for single family dwelling properties throughout Colorado.


Best Always!


Barry R. Shaw AIA, GC

BSA Inc. Design & Construction


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