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PaliHi Internship: Supporting our Future

Hi Ashli:

Looks like you’re going to be in next week’s Real Estate Section.

As you can see below, Bill would like some of your input; go ahead and write what you feel is appropriate.

Barry R. Shaw AIA, G.C.

[Ashli’s response:]

Being an intern for Barry Shaw has been a great experience; I never thought I’d be able to learn so much in such a short amount of time. It all started off by simply showing my interest in architecture and then taking an initiative to ask Barry for the opportunity to intern for him. My interest for architecture came about in the beginning of high school when I noticed in an art history class that my favorite part was the diversity of design in architecture. My passion was later enhanced when I studied abroad in Barcelona and took an art and architecture class everyday for a month. I met Barry in my sophomore year at my school career day and learned more about architecture and then in my junior year I was granted the opportunity to intern for Barry.

Barry has now not only taught me so much about architecture but also about contracting. I have been extremely lucky to learn from Barry, seeing as he is a unique Architect that does not just design a floor plan, but actually builds and manages his own projects. Barry has taught me so much in just a month, from how to do design and read floor plans, to the actual economic and legal terms of being an architect.

The opportunity to have this internship with Barry has really given me an advantage seeing as most people don’t get to intern till college and it has given me a head start on the area that I plan on studying in college. I now plan on applying to top architecture schools in the country and using the knowledge Barry has given me to master my major. In the future I hope to become an architect, general contractor, and manage my own business like Barry does.

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