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ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in Colorado

Building departments across the nation are now increasingly more flexible with ordinances that allow property owners to construct a secondary living unit on the property of a single family dwelling lot that contains a primary residence.

In Colorado, the City/County regulations governing this unit will typically reflect the form of a detached/independent building on the site (Cottage), an attached one story or second story addition to the garage (Carriage House), or an addition to the primary residence (Granny-Flat). Our Broomfield office has been contacted by homeowner’s in Louisville, Arvada, Broomfield, Superior, Erie and Lafayette regarding design and construction for these popular structures. Obviously appropriate financing, zoning codes and site logistics are viable conditions that need to be met before architectural designs can commence.

The living unit would typically contain a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/living room, with its own dedicated entrance. This unit can be used for rental, additional space for siblings, an art studio or quiet working space or possibly for elderly family members. Parking requirements, or not, vary according to local ordinances.

Among the benefits from these units, includes alleviating housing crisis issues, providing homeowner’s with income, allowing elderly family members to be taken care of with close watch, can serve as a transition space for recent college graduates and adds additional future value to the property.

Best Always!

Barry R. Shaw AIA, GC

BSA Inc. Design & Construction


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