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Controlling Home Building Costs Before Construction Begins

One of the biggest considerations in building a home in today’s economy is controlling home building costs.

Building a home involves many processes, but perhaps the most important factors are pre-construction architectural design and planning because these are important factors in controlling home building costs.

Typically the architect is responsible for the designs, specifications, engineering and permit processing, with a multitude of choices and decisions along the way. These solutions are a reflection of the home building design requirements, which are then incorporated into the plans.

One of the most accurate resources of data regarding construction costs will come right out of the files of the general contractor. These files should hard numbers of material and labor costs for every trade needed.

An experienced design build firm will be able to analyze, scrutinize, refine and implement the most cost-effective design for the project. At the same time, quality, function and schedule parameters must be maintained.

Selecting an architect who is also a practicing general contractor for this strategic part of the process will likely result in the most timely and cost-effective completion of the home building and/or remodeling project.


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