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Does the Home Building Contract Contain All The Costs?

There are many different types of home building contracts for consideration, but for purposes of this short Blog, lets look at some commonalities.

The contract costs are based on the architectural plans and specifications which are based on the Client’s scope of work requests and budget, at the beginning of the process.

Within this world and not withstanding other factors, variations in cost will naturally unfold as part of human nature, no matter how good the intentions are to stick to the plans.

For example, if a self-rimming stainless steel sink is originally selected for the kitchen, but after the granite has already been picked out, fabricated and installed at the site the Homeowner sees that it would look much more appealing to have a Kohler tile-in custom color sink instead, there will be an upgrade in costs.

Or, lets say the master bath has been built inclusive of framing, electrical, drywall and vanity wall mirror, when the homeowner decides that the six-lamp bar sconce, previously designed to run horizontally at the top of the mirror wall, will not be as preferable now as two wall mount sconces, also on the mirror wall. Therefore, the mirror must be replaced; the electrical outlets relocated; and new light fixtures purchased; an upgrade in costs.

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