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Architect's Role With An Engineer

Home Addition Architect

Architect Floor Plan

Whether it be a one story addition, two story addition or ground-up new custom home, a structural engineer’s services are needed.


This is a requirement from the building department and various codes, not just for the structural integrity of the building, but for the safety of the people who occupy the home. That’s why plans are submitted to the ‘Department Of Building and Safety’ in whatever City/County that governs the sites juristiction.


Recently we submitted plans to Jefferson County, Colorado (Jeffco), for a one story family room addition that we designed. Our plans compromised of General Notes; Project Data Specs; Site Plan; Existing Floor Plan; Door and Window Schedule; New Floor Plan; North/South/West Elevations; Section; Roof Plan; Electrical Plan and a sheet of Details.


When these plans are about 50% complete, we’ll transfer them to our engineer for introduction and discussion regarding direction/alternatives of this project’s structural design. BSA Inc. Design & Construction has about (35) years tenure as Architect’s and General Contractor’s, so we will take an active role to help ensure the structural design is optimized for construction cost efficiencies. After a consensus, we’ll complete them to about 85% and then send them to the engineer for their formal process to start.  


The engineer primarily designs the foundation and framing systems, along with providing structural details, specifications and supporting calculations. We’ll integrate with them during this process as well. Our final 15% efforts to thoroughly coordinate the architectural plans with the engineering plans is then performed. This ensures that clarity, completeness and accuracy compromises the construction set of documents.


The package of Architect and Engineer plans is then submitted to the City for processing and approvals. A building permit is then pulled and construction can commence. Our Construction Administration services will then often initiate for the Owner.


Similar process as above will apply to other cities in Colorado as well, including Louisville, Superior, Erie, Niwot, Denver, Lafayette, Westminster, Arvada and Frederick.


Let us know what type of project you’re interested in discussing, by simply submitting our short Inquiry Form on our website. Click Here to inquire.

BSA Inc. Design & Construction

BSA Inc. Design & Construction has over 35 years of experience as a home addition architect in the Denver Metro Area.


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