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What Part Of the Project Contains the Biggest Home Building Costs and How to Control It

A typical remodel/addition project will contain a multitude of home building costs, revolving around material and labor resources.

Of the two and depending on the type of Project, labor constitutes about twice as much costs as material.

Labor is comprised of both direct labor and Subcontractor labor. For purposes of this short Blog, let’s accept the Subcontractor as mostly inclusive of labor costs (material portion is therefore less intensive).

Direct labor (i.e. finish carpenters) is best utilized in teams/pairs, where the higher paid ‘lead man’ and the ‘assistant helper’ will provide the important resources for this Trade.

Therefore, daily efficiency; a well rounded and complete tool box; along with substantial experience, should yield the most productive outcome, if one other major influence is also provided.

That is supervision and experienced oversight provided by either the General Contractor or on-site Superintendent.

To learn more about how to negotiate, contract with and skillfully supervise a Project, please contact us.


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